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Important Web Sites

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Sites providing news and analysis of U.S. economic crisis

Zero Hedge More Info   Uncompromising, often ruthless analysis of economic trends and decision-makers.
Financial Sense News Hour   Prescient, insightful views on economic trends. Consistently excellent podcasts.
Washington's Blog     In-depth, intelligent analysis of the economic crisis and related events.
Solari More Info   Analysis of how global and nation trends affect investments. Crisis preparation.
Chris Martenson     Must-see video describing financial crisis yet to come and preparation insights.
Shadow Government Statistics More Info   Government statistics on unemployment and inflation, recalculated to original formulas
The Daily Bail     Excellent collector and presenter of news videos on the crisis and financial fraud
4closure Fraud     Excellent collector and presenter of news on foreclosure fraud
Ambrose Evan-Pritchard     Outstanding foreign reporting on U.S. Financial crisis.
The Real News     High-quality, in-depth American news source similar to top caliber European sites.
Truthout     Independent, in-depth reporting on US crisis and other news
Bloomberg     Listed in honor of reporter Mark Pittman (died age 52) who sued Federal Reserve. RIP, Mark.

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