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Break time!

E-Trade Baby Loses Everything

"Steph was saving for med school"

American Dream Declared Dead As Final Believer Gives Up

The Importance of Saving

U.S. Economy Grinds To Halt As Nation Realizes Money Just A Symbolic, Mutually Shared Illusion

The Federal Reserve chairman comes clean when his conscience gets the better of him.

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Stimulis: Because all economies have performance issues


A complex economic theory is explained at a breakout session of the 2007 American Association for the Advancement of Science conference.

The Big Bank Theory

So, the Federal Reserve chairman prints money?

The British Game Show

"Sell everything immmediately... quickly."

Free Money in the USA

I Will Revive

What A Recession Is


Timothy Geithner Can't Sell His House

Elizabeth Warren on the Colbert Report

Please support Elizabeth Warren's good work on our behalf.   Visit http://www.consumerfinance.gov and see how you might help.

Bet Against the American Dream

Bet Against the American Dream from Alexander Hotz on Vimeo.

"We Didn't See It Coming" - The Banker's Song

In the Bunker at JP Morgan

If you're familiar with Andrew Maguire or precious metals issues, you'll probably find this video funny. The gist is that JP Morgan has (allegedly) been forcing the price of silver down (supposedly) to make it an uninteresting investment. But today everyone wants silver and they must now deliver at the promised low price. Uh, oh!

JP Morgan (alleged) Silver Manipulation Explained

Did these little guys know something? This video was posted when silver was $25 an ounce. Four months later hit $47 an ounce.

Obama Man

A 1970's hit makes a brief return

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