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Solari provides educational, informational and investment services with an awareness and understanding of the global and national events that have been unfolding over the past 20 years.

The proprietor, Catherine Austin Fitts, aims to help people have a more complete balance between their financial needs and their personal needs and to help them better position themselves to counter trends that are weakening them, their families and communities.

The site works to expose how acclimation to, and acceptance of, a progressively unhealthy cultural environment carries great personal costs, in terms of financial, physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Suggestions are made for better personal and financial health going into the economic upheaval of the coming decade.

A special effort is made to give thorough consideration to anything that may impact physical health, whether they are conventional concerns (air and water pollution) or unconventional concerns (electromagnetic pollution, genetically-modified foods).

The Solari Report is a live conference call (with recorded audio) for subscribers that reviews global and national events of since the prior call. It features analysis and discussions on topics such as precious metals, health and preparedness. [http://solari.com/store/the_solari_report/]

The Solari blog regularly posts articles and commentary on topics that help the user stay informed national and global decisions that could weaken one's position and what one should consider in fortifying themselves against those moves. [http://solari.com/blog/]


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