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The comments on this page are my opinion. It is how I see things at this time in my learning. They may not reflect the views of any individuals mentioned elsewhere on this site or that of my family or friends. I hope my comments are helpful and contribute positively.

Determined citizens with powerful information can accomplish a lot. —David M. Walker (in Come Back America)

Can You Help?

Making this site the best it can be can be a bit overwhelming. There are many things that should have added, but rushed work with marginal or poor quality information is not an option. Could you help SE make this site better?

The following is a list of enhancements and extensions that are planned for this site. It would be great if you might consider helping out. If you'd like to donate some of your free time, it would be gratefully appreciated.

Please email icanhelp@spookyeconomy.com and tell us how you'd like to help.

Below is a list of some of the things we could use help with. Suggestions welcome.

checkbox  Information on how average citizens coped with past financial crisis

I was able to find a book by a gentleman in Argentina who helped his young family through their country's 2001 depression. The perspective he provided was quite different from what I would have guessed. Some things that I thought would be good were actually dangerous. Minor things turned out to be very important and comforting.

It would be great if I could obtain more information on how people reacted to the problems they experienced and what they did to overcome them and prosper.

checkbox  Need freely available video sources for references

Short, to-the-point video clips are very helpful. But some of the available clips aren't the best for this site. You may have noticed that a few of the YouTube video links I use as references have the poster's personal opinions inserted in them. This is fine. It's a free country and I appreciate that we can have these videos available.

Still, it would be best if I could have links to the same videos without outside commentary. YouTube works fine, but it would be good if the same short video clips were hosted on an "authoritative" source like a university or recognized public data clearing house similar to "Wikipedia".

checkbox  Proofing and link checking

I've got my hands full with just the content. It would be great is someone could check the functioning of the site. Maybe there are inconsistencies, typos or odd page formats. I sometimes only find these by accident.

checkbox  More...

There are a lot of other areas that this site needs help with. Finding more public figures who have tried to help, special resources that would help that average family. I have to give some thought about how we would approach this. Your suggestions are welcome and appreciated.

Posted December 16, 2010 Revised December 20, 2010

This is my opinion. It's a work in progress. I hope it's helpful.

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